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Best wishes on your plans to be married.

The congregation of First United Methodist Church welcomes you and prays God’s blessing upon your pending marriage.  We look forward to the possibility of being of service to you during this exciting time of life.  Our intention for this webpage is to give you all the information necessary to make this occasion a meaningful one and to assure that the wedding and surrounding tasks run smoothly.

We invite you to remember how important we here at NFUMC consider marriage to be.  Our congregation firmly believes that Christian marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, blessed by God, and witnessed by the community of faith.  A church wedding is a ceremony celebrating the gift of love which God has given a husband and wife to share for the duration of their lives.  It is a worship service of the congregation presided over by one of our pastors.  Your wedding service is one of the most serious and important steps in your life and must be accorded its due sanctity.

Since marriage is so important and is a worship service of the church, one of our pastors will be in charge of every wedding ceremony at our church facilities.  All worship ceremonies at NFUMC happen only under the authority of one of our pastors. Therefore, a wedding can only be scheduled after both the bride and groom have met with the pastor officiating at your ceremony. Specific dates on the church calendar can be confirmed for availability by the office staff in advance and held open for your use. However, the actual scheduling will occur only after your visit with the officiating pastor.  

If you wish, you may invite other clergy members to assist in your ceremony, but please do so only after you have discussed this possibility with the NFUMC pastor who is officiating at your wedding.  Also remember that your NFUMC pastor will be the pastor in charge of the service. You are required to meet with the pastor for three to seven sessions to assist you in planning and preparing you for the wedding ceremony.

The costs for a wedding at Noblesville First United Methodist Church are determined on the basis of church membership, the location of the service, and expenses directly related to hosting your ceremony. One fee is provided for the total cost of your service.  This amount covers pastoral honorarium, pre-marital counseling, custodial costs, the organist’s services, and other miscellaneous fees.  One half of the wedding fee is due at the time the wedding is officially scheduled.  The balance is due 30 days prior to the ceremony.  If you have questions or concerns about these fees, you will want to discuss those issues when you meet with the pastor.

Below you will also find some additional information concerning weddings at NFUMC that we hope you will find helpful. 

Jerry Rairdon, Lead Pastor                                                                                                                                 Aaron Hobbs, Pastor                       
Dick Judson, Pastor


Member Status

For the purposes of wedding scheduling and costs, a non-member of the church is defined as:

  • Anyone who has not joined as a full professing member of the church is a non-member, or;
  • Anyone who has not participated as a constituent in worship six times out of the last three months, or does not have a trackable giving record during that period is a non-member, or;
  • Anyone who does not live in the same household as a full professing member is a non-member.

Scheduling a wedding at NFUMC

Only the Pastor assigned to your ceremony can officially schedule your ceremony. You may call the church office and determine through the office staff if a date and time are available. The date can then be held for you until an appointment is made with the officiating pastor.

All Saturday weddings are scheduled at either 1:30 or 5:30. Occasionally, we must schedule more than one wedding on a given day.  In case of multiple ceremonies on the same day, the church provides a variety of settings in which a marriage service may be held. It is not our practice to schedule two ceremonies in the same room on the same day.  If a wedding is already scheduled on the day you prefer, you will need to choose a worship site other than the site already scheduled.

Your reservation of the building assures you of a five hour time period, starting three hours before the time of your ceremony, one hour for the ceremony and one hour to complete any photo sessions. The first wedding scheduled for the date will get the first selection of rehearsal time.

To begin the scheduling process for your wedding, please contact the Church Office at 317-773-2500 or by email


Which pastor will officiate at your ceremony?

If you have a pastoral preference, please note that preference when you call to check on schedules. Whenever possible, our pastors will be available to serve. However, due to schedule conflicts, a certain pastor may not be available on the date you select. The church office will contact you as soon as possible if the pastor you request is not available and inform you of the availability of other clergy.


Meeting with the Pastor

The Bridal Couple must meet with the Pastor at least three times in person to plan the ceremony and an additional two to five times for pre-marital counseling. This is important for several reasons. First, it will give you and the pastor an opportunity to get to know one another, and will make for a much better wedding ceremony. Second, it will enable you to talk about marriage in general and your wedding service in particular. Please call the church office (317) 773-2500 to schedule your first meeting with one of the pastors and to finalize the date of wedding on the church calendar.


Photographers and Videographers

Pictures are important to families as years pass and memories are recalled. Take as many photographs as you life.  It would, however, be most appreciated if photographs might be taken within appropriate boundaries.

Flash pictures may be taken during the processional and recessional, but all photographers are to remain in the back half of the sanctuary when taking these pictures. Once the pastor starts speaking, all photographers and videographers are asked to not move about and to remain in place. Flash pictures during the ceremony are not allowed. No pictures may be taken from the altar or chancel area during the ceremony.

It is important that your photographer and/or videographer check with the pastor or the pastor’s assistant before the day of the wedding so that questions concerning where the cameras may set up during the ceremony might be answered. Some areas are not allowed. This contact with the church office will be the responsibility of your photographer or videographer. 

For weddings in the Sanctuary or Celebration Hall, a DVD recording of the service may be purchased for $150.  This fee includes a videographer, video editing, and two (2) copies of the finalized DVD.   



If organ music is used in your ceremony, our organist must provide it. The fee for the organist is included in your wedding package. Soloists may schedule a rehearsal with the organist before or after the Wedding Rehearsal. Additional rehearsals with the organist are $50.00 per session and are scheduled directly with and paid to the church organist.

Marriage is an ordinance of God and the ceremony is an act of worship. It is therefore essential that the music you select as part of the ceremony is praise worthy to honor our Lord, to glorify God and to be faith centered. In any church service, the selection of music helps to establish the attitude of worship. In this regard, a wedding ceremony is no different from any other worship experience. Music is important.

It is best to avoid popular favorites that recall and emphasize secular, social, sentimental or personal associations. Remember such music is rarely befitting of a sacred occasion. Music that seems more of an intimate and secular nature is best utilized at the reception. If you have a secular or contemporary melody you wish to use in your service, their lyrics must be in keeping with the meaning of Christian marriage. The congregation’s Music Minister will have final say concerning the appropriateness of any secular music you may wish to use.

Our church organist can help you through the steps of selecting music appropriate for your wedding. The organist is also an excellent pianist and is familiar with a wide selection of music. You may wish to leave the choice of music to the organist.

You may, of course, provide your own vocalist, or instrumentalist (other than the organist). If you do have a soloist or other special music for your wedding, their presence at the rehearsal is essential. The music planning should be done as far in advance as possible.

In addition, you need to know that taped music or music played from CD’s is rarely an acceptable alternative to live music in worship. Such recorded music is not normally part of a formal sanctuary wedding.


Rice, Birdseed, Confetti, etc...

We rejoice with you. Nevertheless, we must ask that you cooperate by not scattering rice, confetti, birdseed, tissue flowers, or tossing any other non-approved objects either inside or outside the church building. Please advise your family, wedding party and guests of this requirement. Should the throwing of any of these other items occur, an additional fee covering two hours of custodial time for cleanup may be charged.


Candles and Candelabras

Candles and candelabras are available for rent through the Noblesville First United Methodist Church Choir. No other candles or candelabras are permitted, with the exception of the Unity Candle. A church choir representative will do set-up and removal of all candelabras. (Please refer to the Contact List at the back of this booklet for the phone number of the choir representative.)

Available for use are:

  • A 15-branch arch candelabra for use behind the communion table.  One piece spring loaded white candles are included.
  • Two 9-branch candelabras that can be placed in an inverted V position or straight line position. One piece spring loaded white candles are included.
  • Twelve free-standing aisle-abras with glass hurricane lamps. One piece spring loaded white candles are included.
  • A freestanding Unity Candle Stand is available for use free of charge. However, the actual UNITY CANDLES are NOT provided by the church. The stand uses a candle three inches in diameter (height is optional) and two one inch tapers.

If flowers or bows are attached to the candelabras, they must be attached with wrapped wire. NO BARE WIRES OR ADHESIVES ARE PERMITTED

Great care should be exercised in the lighting and extinguishing of candles.


Smoking and Alcohol on the Church Grounds

Alcohol is not allowed. Primarily, First Church is a place of worship. We ask your cooperation in respecting the dignity and holiness of a house of worship. Please do not consume alcoholic beverages on the premises (in the church building or on the church grounds) and please do not smoke anywhere inside the church building, or within 15 feet of any entrance.


The Sanctuary

There are 19 rows of pews in the sanctuary that provide seating for approximately 380 persons. The church aisle is 63 feet long. The arrangement of the chancel furniture will be part of your wedding ceremony plan made with the pastor.

Use of an aisle runner is not allowed.  Based upon our expereince, aisle runners frequently become tripping hazards for members of the wedding party and guests, the pins used to hold the aisle runner in place can snag dresses or trains, and they cause unnecesary stress.

If your wedding party includes a flower girl, only the scattering of silk petals is allowed. “Live flower” petals may not be used.

See pictures of The Sanctuary at the bottom of this webpage.


Use of Celebration Hall

Celebration Hall may be arranged to seat congregations up to 900 people. Normally, the stage area is set-up for worship use including the presence of choir risers and chairs. Should you select Celebration Hall for your ceremony and want the risers removed the charge for removing the risers and then placing them back for worship on Sunday morning is $500.00. If you use Celebration Hall with the stage curtains shut, there will be no additional set-up fees.

See a picture of Celebration Hall at the bottom of this webpage. 

Please Note: Due to elaborate VBS set designs, no weddings or receptions will be scheduled in Celebration Hall July 18-22, 2016.


Use of Whitcomb Chapel

Whitcomb Chapel seats approximately 75 people and is appropriate for small ceremonies. It is equipped with a sound system and electronic keyboard.


Use of Teter Retreat Center

Teter Retreat Center is located at 10980 E. 221st Street, Noblesville, Indiana. Situated along the White River, Teter Retreat Center is owned by Noblesville First United Methodist Church and is considered part of the congregation’s facilities. This site includes an outdoor chapel and lodge. It provides several beautiful places for an outdoor wedding or even a small fireplace side ceremony in the lodge.

Since Teter Retreat Center is a facility of Noblesville First United Methodist Church, one of our pastors will be in charge of any wedding occurring at the retreat center. The expectation for pre-marital meetings is identical to any other church wedding. Music used in ceremonies at Teter must meet the same standards as a sanctuary wedding. Fees for weddings at Teter will be adjusted to include only clergy services and any preparation or cleaning services by the site caretaker.



Arrangements for floral decorations should be made with the florist of your choice. Most local florists can suggest various decorations for your consideration. If your florist is not familiar with our church, he or she should be told that it is not permissible to put tape, nails or tacks into the woodwork.

During the Easter and Christmas seasons the existing decorations must be used.

Neither NFUMC nor any of its staff can be responsible for personal effects, decorations or other items that are not picked up by florists on the same day of the wedding. Such items may be left in the church (if storage space is available) overnight or over the weekend, but we cannot assume any responsibility for such items.



If the wedding party consists of no more than four adults, a rehearsal may not be necessary. However, if more than four persons are involved, and especially if children are included, a rehearsal is mandatory. One hour is ample time for the rehearsal, and all persons involved are urged to be prompt.

It is important that readers and persons providing special music attend the rehearsal, both for their own information about the wedding day and so that the sound system operator can set-up the microphones for them.


Dressing Rooms

Food in the church on your wedding day should be kept to a minimum. Please keep any food and drinks within the bride’s or groom’s dressing rooms. We ask this in consideration of those who will be returning the church to its regular status for services.

Members of the wedding party are responsible for gathering all paper and removing all food items as they leave.

The bride and the groom dressing rooms will be assigned prior to the wedding day. The wedding party and guests should use only their designated rooms and the hallway connecting them to the narthex and sanctuary. If the reception is held at the church, other necessary areas will be made available.


Please do not leave any items of value unattended in the dressing rooms.  Purses, wallets, cameras, etc. are best secured by their owners or left locked in your car.


Holy Communion

It is completely acceptable to have Holy Communion as part of your wedding ceremony. However, if the sacrament is offered during a worship service in our church, it must be offered to all who are present in worship. As United Methodists, we have no restriction as to age or church membership concerning who may receive the sacrament. The only qualification required by one receiving the sacrament is a desire to know more of God’s grace and love.

If you might wish to have Holy Communion as part of your ceremony, you will need to discuss this option in detail with the pastor officiating at your wedding. 


The Wedding License

The State of Indiana requires that a license for marriage be obtained and the couple fulfills the legal formality of pronouncement. The State of Indiana Marriage License may be obtained in the county of residence of either the bride or the groom and is good for 60 days following the date of issue. The Indiana license is in two portions. The first portion of basic biographical information must be filled out by the couple prior to delivering the license to the church office the week of the wedding.


Wedding Fees

Please contact Tina Boyum in the church office at (317) 773-2500 for specific fees.



When ordering invitations, the suggested form for the name and address of the church is:

Nobesville First United Methodist Church
2051 Monument Street
Noblesville, IN 46060



Pastors of Noblesville First United Methodist Church may be contacted at the church office (317) 773-2500.

You may also contact the pastors by E-mail:

Rev. Jerry Rairdon 

Rev. Aaron Hobbs    

Pastor Dick Judson

Other Important Wedding Contacts:

General Wedding Information:  Tina Boyum                                  

Altar Candelabras & Aisle Candelabras:  Carla Crandall

Church Organist:  Cindy Romano

Director of Music Ministries:  Mary Resler


                                                         Celebration Hall


       The Sanctuary (View from Rear)                       The Sanctuary (View from Front)

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